The Alternative Dutch Dictionary: bekken

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bekken pronunciation
  • {{audio}}
etymology 1
noun: {{nl-noun}}
  1. basin, broad-shaped liquid container
  2. (geography) basin, geological depression
  3. (anatomy) pelvis, basin-shaped body region
  4. (music) cymbal, two-part metallic percussion instrument
etymology 2 from bek 'beak, bill, mouth, snout'
verb: {{nl-verb}}
  1. (literally) peck (at a target), hit by bill
  2. (metaphore; rare) snap, sneer (at someone)
  3. (colloquial) sound, 'feel' in the mouth when sung or spoken
related terms:
  • bekkentrekken
  • bekkesnijden, bekkesnijder {{g2}}
  • Elke vogel zingt zoals hij gebekt is
noun: {{head}}
  1. nl-noun form of pl

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