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че 〈če〉 pronunciation
  • /t͡ʃɛ/
conjunction: {{head}}
  1. used to introduce a clause that is the subject of a verb, that (or is omitted) Че каза "не", не е изненадващо. - That he said no is not surprising. Не е изненадващо, че каза "не". - It's not surprising (that) he said no. Че още никой не е дошъл, е странно. - That nobody has come yet is strange. Странно е, че още никой не е дошъл. - It's strange (that) nobody has come yet.
  2. used to introduce a clause that is the object of a verb, that (or is omitted) Той каза, че ще дойде. - He said (that) he would come. Видях, че тръгнаха към реката. - I saw (that) they headed for the river. Чух, че ще се женят. - I heard (that) they were getting married.
  3. used to introduce a clause that completes or explains the meaning of a previous noun or adjective, that (or is omitted) Мисълта, че повече няма да го види, беше непоносима. - The thought (that) she would never see him again was unbearable. Фактът, че е по-стар от мен, е без значение. - The fact (that) he's older than me is not relevant. Сигурен съм, че е вярно. - I am certain that it is true. Не се съмнявам, че ще го стори. - I don’t doubt that he will do it.
  4. used to introduce a clause that indicates an action taken by the main verb's direct object, translated with the present participle or the bare infinitive Видях я, че плаче. - I saw her crying. Видях го, че влиза в сградата. - I saw him enter the building.
  5. (colloquial) used to introduce the reason for something, because, for Може да закъснея, че имаме гости. - I might be late because we are having guests.
  6. used to express a result, that (or is omitted) Беше толкова уморена, че не можеше да мисли ясно. - She was so tired (that) she couldn't think straight. Толкова бързаше, че забрави да си вземе шапката. - He was in such a rush (that) he forgot to take his hat.
  7. (dated) used to join sentences or sentence fragments in chronological order, and Заплака, зарида, че на майка си продума. - He started crying, he started weeping and then he spoke to his mother.
  8. (colloquial) used to introduce the next part of a story, so, and then Изтървах я и тя се счупи. Че като се разкряска, не можеш да си представиш! - I dropped and it broke. So/And then you should have heard her shout!
  9. or (else), otherwise Бързай, че ще закъснееш. - Hurry up or you’ll be late. Внимавай, че ще си изпатиш! - Watch out/take care or else!
  10. used to express surprise, why Че тъкмо тази книга ми трябва. - Why, this is the very book I want.
particle: {{head}}
  1. used in exclamations for emphasis, what Ей че гуляй му ударихме! - What a feast we had! Че песни, че танци, че какво ли не. - There was singing and dancing and what not.
  2. used in imperative sentences for emphasis Че покажи му къщата! - Show him the house!
  3. used to emphasize agreement with someone/something Че хубава е, защо не я вземеш? - It really is nice, why don't you take it?
  4. even if Че и да съм ходил, защо трябва да ти казвам? - Even if I've been there, why do I have to tell you?

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