The Alternative American Sign Language Dictionary: S@NearBaseForearm-PalmUp Frontandback S@BaseForearm-PalmUp

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S@NearBaseForearm-PalmUp Frontandback S@BaseForearm-PalmUp Alternative forms: The hand may make the A shape instead of the S shape., The hand may begin in the “Open A” shape (with the thumb extended) and then close to the A or S shape. etymology Immitative of inject a drug with a syringe.
production: {{ase-rfp}}
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    1. {{ase-prod posture }}
    2. Move the hand back and forth, toward and away from the base of the forearm.
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  • When used as a verb, there is just one movement toward the arm instead of a repeated movement back and forth.
noun: {{ase-noun}}
  1. drug
    • 2009, Michael DiMartino, Addicted - Sign Language - CaptainL0ver (“Captainl0ver interpreters Kelly Clarkson's song Addicted”), 0:30: YOU SUPPOSE LIKE DRUG. — “It's (metaphorically) like you're a drug.”
  2. (slang) coke (the beverage); Coca Cola
verb: {{ase-verb}}
  1. to do drugs

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