The Alternative American Sign Language Dictionary: G@Shoulder-PalmDown G@Abdomen-PalmDown

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G@Shoulder-PalmDown G@Abdomen-PalmDown etymology From initial Q of English queen and a movement representing the royal sash. Compare K@Shoulder K@Abdomen, R@Shoulder R@Abdomen, K@Shoulder-FingerDown K@Abdomen-FingerDown, L@Shoulder L@Abdomen, E@Shoulder E@Abdomen, D@Shoulder D@Abdomen. Alternative forms: Optionally repeat a few times to show intensity of the word
production: {{ase-rfp}}
  • This one-handed ASL sign is produced as follows:
    1. Place {{ase-prod G}} between the nondominant shoulder and the sternum, thumb and index finger pointing down. The nondominant hand is not used.
      • Hold the hand briefly in this posture.
      • Move the hand down and across to the following posture.
    2. Place the dominant hand in {{ase-prod G}} on the dominant side of the abdomen, thumb and index finger pointing down.
      • Hold the hand briefly in this posture.
noun: {{ase-noun}}
  1. queen of a country (ASL Gloss) QUEEN E-L-I-Z-A-B-E-T-H QUEEN WHERE? U-K "Queen Elizabeth is the queen of the UK."
  2. (pejorative) queen; effeminate gay male (ASL Gloss) BOY S-O QUEEN "That guy is such a queen."
  3. (zoology) queen of an insect colony (ASL Gloss) WORKER BEE MUST FEED BEE QUEEN "Worker bees have to feed the queen bee."
  4. (pejorative) queen; strong-willed female; bitch (ASL Gloss) THAT GIRL QUEEN "That girl [over there] is a queen."
  5. (chess) queen (ASL Gloss) MOST POWERFUL C-H-E-S-S PIECE WHAT? QUEEN! "The most powerful chess piece is the queen."

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