The Alternative Afrikaans Dictionary: lekker

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lekker etymology From Dutch lekker, akin to German lecker.
adjective: {{af-adj}}
  1. having a nice taste, tasty, good, delicious exampleDie kos het lekker gesmaak. The food tasted nice.
  2. good, fun, nice in a more generic sense exampleLekker tye. Fun times
  3. (informal) foxy, sexy exampleKyk na daai lekker ding Look at that foxy lady
The attribute form lekkere is considered somewhat archaic and only used for emphasis to show how good something is.
adverb: {{head}}
  1. good, nice, fun in a more generic sense. exampleOns het lekker gespeel''. We played nicely. / We had a great time playing.
  2. good and hard or properly, badly exampleHy was lekker ingeloop. He was swindled badly. / He was properly swindled
interjection: {{head}}
  1. yum!, yummy!, delicious!
  2. goody! hah!, used sarcastically to show disapproval, disrepect or contempt exampleLekker! Jy wou mos! You just wanted to do that, huh?
noun: {{af-noun}}
  1. sweet, a piece of candy
  2. (uncountable) pleasure, enjoyment
Synonyms: (candy) lekkergoed, (enjoyment, pleasure) genot, (pleasure) lekkerte, (pleasure, satisfaction) plesier

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