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From the Russian dictionary:

эрекция 〈érekciâ〉 {{wikipedia}} etymology From Latin erectio.
noun: {{ru-noun}}
  1. (physiology) erection (rigid penis)
Synonyms: (slang) стояк 〈stoâk〉

From the German dictionary:

Alter etymology From Middle High German alter, from Old High German altar. pronunciation
  • (most of Germany, some of Austria) /'altər/, [ˈʔältʰɐ], ['ʔaltʰɐ], [ˈʔälta],
  • (Switzerland, some of Germany and Austria) /'altər/, [ˈʔältər], [ˈʔɑltər],
  • {{audio}}
noun: {{de-noun}}
  1. age, old age
  2. antiquity
  3. epoch, age
noun: {{de-noun}}
  1. old man
  2. (slang, used in the vocative) dude
  • While the slang term started out as a way to refer to males, its usage is not uncommon among females. The term is in the process of shifting towards being used more as an exclamation, similar to dude in American English.

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