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From the German dictionary:

noun: {{de-noun}}
  1. (pejorative) square socially conventional person
  2. (pejorative) philistine person who lacks appreciation of art or culture
  3. (pejorative) bourgeois individual member of the middle class
Synonyms: Spießbürger
related terms:
  • (feminine) Spießerin
  • Spieß
  • Spießbürger
  • spießbürgerlich
  • Spießbürgertum
  • Spießgeselle
  • spießig
  • Spießigkeit

From the Arabic dictionary:

حمار 〈ḥmạr〉 {{wikipedia}} etymology From Proto-Semitic *ḥimār- 〈*ḥimār-〉. Cognate with Akkadian 𒀲 〈𒀲〉 / 𒀲𒀴 〈𒀲𒀴〉, Ugaritic 𐎈𐎎𐎗 〈𐎈𐎎𐎗〉, Aramaic ܚܡܪܐ 〈ḥmrʾ〉.
noun: حِمَار 〈ḥimār〉
  1. donkey
  2. (colloquial) fool, idiot
noun: حَمَّار 〈ḥamãạr〉
  1. donkey driver

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