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From the Finnish dictionary:

puutiaisaivokuume etymology From puutiaisaivotulehdus by replacing tulehdus with kuume
noun: {{fi-noun}}
  1. (colloquial) A commonly used term of a disease officially known as puutiaisaivotulehdus.

From the English dictionary:

Pokémania etymology Pokémon + -mania
noun: {{en-noun}}
  1. (informal) Enthusiasm for the Pokémon media franchise.
    • 2001, Kathleen McDonnell, Honey, We Lost the Kids: Re-thinking Childhood in the Multimedia Age, Second Story Press (2001), ISBN 9781896764375, page 97: Teachers, who had vivid memories of the temporary insanity of POGS a few years earlier, said they'd never seen a craze to rival Pokémania.
    • 2008, Anne Allison, "The Attractions of the J-Wave for American Youth", in Soft Power Superpowers: Cultural and National Assets of Japan and the United States (eds. Yasushi Watanabe & David L. McConnell), M. E. Sharpe (2008), ISBN 9780765633811, page 105: It is one that reflects what I found to be the general attitude of American adults regarding the Pokémania that captivated U.S. youth for at least two years: that, though a popular fad of immense proportions, Pokémon (and through it Japan) influenced American youth in terms of their goals, actions, or attitudes in a way that was judged to be relatively benign.
    • 2009, Jason S. Yadao, The Rough Guide to Manga, Rough Guides (2009), ISBN 9781405384230, page 48: Launched on the wave of Pokémania was Viz's four-part manga The Electric Tale of Pikachu.

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